10 Best Cities to Retire In Florida



Photo by Joel Kramer

The Sunshine State is one of the most highly sought out states for individuals planning on retirement. With this said not all cities in Florida are created equally for those who are planning out their retirement. When time comes to decide where to move to in Florida, which cities are the top of the list?

Sunshine, warm beaches, nice homes. These are a few of the many draws people know about when they think about Florida. Throw in the retirement communities, golfing, and fun outdoor activities, and it makes for the ideal place for the retiree to want to call home when time comes for them to stop working.

If you are considering making the move to Florida and wish to retire there, which areas are the most desirable for you to consider moving to as a retiree? These are among the top choices for retirement communities, great weather, and reasonable cost of living, for those who plan on calling Florida home after they do decide the time has come to retire.


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