Top 10 Most Fun Cities in Florida

Who doesn’t love warm weather and sunshine? For those who live in Florida, you are all too familiar with it. But, there is far more than great weather to enjoy. In fact, there are many top tourist attractions, local sports teams, bars, and an excellent night scene. But of...


10 Best Cities to Retire In Florida

The Sunshine State is one of the most highly sought out states for individuals planning on retirement. With this said not all cities in Florida are created equally for those who are planning out their retirement. When time comes to decide where to move to in Florida, which cities...


10 Best Jobs in Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville, FL is one of the biggest, fastest growing cities. In addition to this, the job market has seemed to take some growth again over the past couple of years, after taking a plunge like was the case in most areas of the country. However, not all jobs are...