Top 10 Most Fun Cities in Texas

Whether you plan on moving to the state or simply visiting with family, Texas is a fun state to visit. In fact, as the old adage goes “Everything is bigger in Texas.” This is quite true, and with many great cities, locals, fine dining, and fun attractions, regardless of...


10 Best Cities to Retire In Texas

Texas was ranked in the top 10 states to retire in 2015. With this said, Texas does offer quite a bit for the retiree. In addition to the warm climate almost year round, there is a mix of big city, and small city living, depending on where you choose...


10 Best Jobs in Austin Texas

For those who live in Austin, TX, not only is it one of the fastest developing US cities, it is one of the most highly sought after places to live in the US as well. With a number of major tech companies hospitals, and businesses in the area, finding...