Top 10 Most Fun Cities in Illinois


Sure the Windy City has plenty to offer in terms of fun and entertainment, but Chicago is not the only fun Illinois city to visit. In fact, the state of Illinois has many great points of interest, museums, parks, and local attractions, for locals and visitors alike to take in and to enjoy. No matter what you enjoy or when you plan your trip, there are many great destinations to consider in Illinois.

From the lakefront, to taking in an NBA game, you can do it all in some of the best Illinois cities. No matter what points of interest you enjoy, who you are traveling with, or what the kids or adults like best, Illinois has something to offer to every visitor who is looking for fun and a great time. From fine dining to shopping, to local sports and museums, the state has it all for you to enjoy.

When planning your trip, you should focus on the top Illinois cities for fun. Regardless of the time of year, or what you want to do while visiting, these are a few of the cities you have to visit and add to the itinerary when you are going through the state of Illinois.


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