Top 10 Most Fun Cities in Michigan


Photo by Brian Fisher

Photo by Brian Fisher

When you think of fun states, Michigan might not be the first place that comes to mind. But, that is only because you are not familiar with the many local hot spots, and great cities which you can visit in the state. Further, there is a great blend of old and new, as well as several great destinations you can visit year round in Michigan.

Whether you are a first time visitor, have visited in the past, or simply want to find local activities to take in, the state has quite a few things for you to enjoy. And, depending on the city you are visiting, there are many great destinations and fun activities you can engage in, no matter what the weather is like, or what time of the year you choose to visit the great state of Michigan.

When you are ready to visit, planning your trip and setting up your itinerary is key to enjoyment of your visit and stay in the great state. These are a few of the cities you simply must visit, whether you are here for a few days, or are going to remain in Michigan for several days during an extended vacation which you are planning.


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